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Stevie Hardigree, MMFT

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I utilize a systemic therapy lens. This approach positions me to understand each individual’s story within the context of the relationships and experiences that exist in their lives. Since every life story is unique, therapy is a place where we uncover how factors like our birth order, where we grew up, or our current life stage impact how we function and relate to one another. Consistent with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic approach, I am passionate about helping people become aware of the patterns in their lives, as well as the areas in which they have the power to change them. Depending on the primary concerns of my clients, tracking patterns can range from assessing day-to-day interactions with life partners to drawing out family trees that can be used to identify generations of behavioral patterns in the family. 

Although our title can be misleading, Marriage and Family Therapists are trained and equipped to work with any combination of clients (including but not limited to): individuals, couples, and full family units. More accurately, we hold a core belief that many issues in life are influenced by relational dynamics. At each client’s desired pace, addressing those dynamics directly can present an opportunity for deeper understanding, connection, and improved interaction with the people who mean the most to them. This, in turn, can allow those relationships to become a place of refuge from the stresses of life, rather than being yet another stressor in and of themselves. 

I sincerely believe that strengthening family units is a key supportive component in leading children, adults, and communities to thrive and live life to the fullest. Therapy can be a wonderful resource for achieving this goal, and I am honored to walk alongside my clients as we work toward relational improvement together.