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I view the therapeutic relationship as a collaborative process between
client and therapist in which I practice from a person-centered perspective. I tailor treatment to
meet the individual needs of the client to ensure that treatment goals and objectives address the
primary needs of the client. I work from a Cognitive Behavioral framework, while evaluating
client care from a biopsychosocial perspective. In other words, I find it necessary to incorporate
factors from the mind, body, and social support system of each individual to ensure a
comprehensive approach to the journey of growth that therapy is meant to be. I am trained in
Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) which allows me to assist clients in
processing negative past experiences with the goal of creating space for a brighter outlook on the
future. I feel that each person deserves to be seen and heard no matter what challenges they may
be facing. I enjoy assisting clients in identifying, evaluating, and changing maladaptive patterns
of thoughts and behavior to work toward building a better relationship with themselves and the
world around them. I enjoy incorporating creativity into the therapeutic process by utilizing a
wide variety of interventions to assist clients in using their strengths to explore and challenge
themselves to journey toward personal growth and overall well-being.

Alexandria M. Lee, MS, LAPC