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What is Neurofeedback?

It is a non-invasive therapeutic intervention that assesses brainwave activity and works to improve abnormal patterns.

​What to Expect.

Through QEEG testing, we are able to gather information about your overall brain function and any brain dysregulation including stress levels, thought patterns and emotions. During the QEEG we gather a base line of information from 19 specific sites on your head, which tracks your brain wave activity. Using visual stimulation, that adjusts based on brainwave pattern changes, you will be able to retrain and engage your brain to operate more efficiently and create positive permanent changes over time.

By using operant conditioning, neurofeedback therapy uses brainwave data and a ‘reward system’ to train the brain. When you generate desirable brain activity, you’re rewarded with a positive outcome such as gaining points in the video game. But when your brainwaves fire at an undesired frequency, you receive negative feedback such as pausing the music. The brain learns that the particular brain activity is out of balance and it should find a way to get a positive response.

How it Helps.

It helps by assessing brainwave activity and training the brain to self-regulate itself. 

Repeated exposure promotes long-lasting changes in brain activity. Even outside the neurofeedback therapy sessions, your brain will be “conditioned” to operate in an optimal range. This is just like physical training, where the more you exercise, the closer you get to reaching a more efficient and optimal state.