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Intensive Trauma Therapy

Intensive Trauma Therapy (ITT) is a research-supported treatment that can be used to alleviate various issues including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, trauma, behavioral challenges, stress, and anger management. During ITT, you'll spend full day(s) with Dr. Veal and will be her only client for the day you've reserved. ITT is different from regular, hours-per-week therapy which can take months or years in that most clients who undergo ITT can find relief in a couple of days or weeks.

What is Intensive Trauma Therapy?

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How it Helps. 

ITT is a research-supported approach that systematically addresses the major treatment issues and obstacles. This intervention can be used to enhance motivation, reduce stress, improve self-management skills, resolve trauma, achieve peak performance, and anticipate future challenges.

What to Expect.

During ITT, you'll be Dr. Veal's only client for a full working day(s). You'll state with a brief orientation, and then Dr. Veal will ask some questions about your history and current situation, including your strengths, resources, problems, and what you've tried so far. She will ask you about your short- and long-term goals.

From here, you may do some guided visualization to help you feel more grounded in a "secure attachment" relationship, work on stabilization and coping skills, or practical strategies including problem-solving. After this, you will begin working through your traumatic memories via eye movement rapid desensitization, working through trauma and loss memories.

After EMDR, you and Dr. Veal will work to develop and practice coping skills to manage anticipated challenges.