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What can I expect and what will it help me with?

While mental performance consulting (MPC) is traditionally known as Sport Psychology, it is important to know that mental performance consulting is not therapy. MPC is learning how to apply psychological principles to help improve performance. These skills often transfer out of the performance realm into other areas of the client's life. During your time in MPC, you may learn skills such as setting and achieving goals, relaxation, imagery, mindfulness, motivation, self-talk, coping with stress, leadership skills, bouncing back from injuries, managing performance anxiety, focus, team building, arousal regulation, pre-performance routines, communication, and confidence.

Mental Performance Consulting

What is Mental Performance Consulting?

More commonly known as Sport & Exercise/Performance Psychology, mental performance can take on a variety of forms, depending on the personality of the athlete/performer and their goals for consultation. Consultation can often focus on traditional mental training such as motivation and goal setting, performance-related personality characteristics such as fear of failure or performance anxiety, personal growth, or any combination of these related factors.